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1. Pendleton Residue Management, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Project [USDA.ARS.CPCRC.Pendleton]
This experiment began in 1931 at a cool temperate site that was originally grassland. The site was used in the production of cereal grains from 1881-1931. The the soil at the site is described as ...

2. Hoosfield Continuous Barley Long Term Trial, Rothamsted [IACR.Hoosfield]
This experiment began in 1852 at Rothamsted, England. The site was occupied (farmed?) since Roman times. Map of 1623 shows field in arable. Arable crops 1847-1851. Clay-with-flints overlying chalk; ...

3. Broadbalk Wheat Experiment, Soil Organic Matter Network (SOMNET), U.K. [IACR.Broadbalk]
This experiment began in 1843. The site was possibly farmed since Roman times (i.e at least 1500 years). Map of 1623 shows field in arable use. 1839-1843 arable crops: turnips, barley, peas, wheat, ...

4. Crop Rotation/Fertilization Trial F1-07, Germany [MLU.Seehausen]
This experiment began in 1958. The experimental site is in the Eastern German continental climate in the Leipzig Basin. The average climatic conditions at the experimental site are: Minimum ...

5. EM89 - Pinus radiata Plantation Organic Matter Experiment, Austrailia [CSIRO.TRC.EM89]
This experiment began in 1985. The site was previously a native eucalypt forest, but has been a Pinus radiata plantation for 47 years. There are four treatments as follows: 1) Slash and ...

6. Soil Organic Matter Network, Arlington Plots Organic Matter, Wisconsin, USDA-ARS and University of Wisconsin [USDA.ARS.CPSWPRC.Arlington]
This experiment was established in 1958 and consists of a continuous corn system with various levels of nitrogen application. In the preceding 25 years, there was continuous corn with residue burning. ...

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