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1. Geologic and geophysical study of the Scotia Arc: The Southern ridge of the Scotia area [CNDA-ESP_SCOTIA-92-HE003]
In English: The objectives of this campaign were: -Transition among different plates and sub-plates; Shetland, Drake, Scotia and Antarctic and their joint points. -Study of the link between the ...

2. Geophysics and Marine Geology of the Northern Portion of the Antarctic Peninsula [CNDA-ESP_ANT96-1001-HE046]
In English: Multichannel and single channel seismic reflection, high resolution seismic, sononbuoys, multibeam soundings, gravimetric and magnetic profiles were made. The object of the investigation ...

3. Geodynamics and Paleoceanography of continental margins and basins: Northern Antarctic Peninsula. [CNDA-ESP_ANT94-0020-HE038]
In English: The SCAN 97 oceanographic cruise focused in the analysis of the northern Antarctic Peninsula and the areas implicated in the boundary between the Antarctic, Scotia and Phoenix plates. ...

4. Geodynamics of the Scotia/Antartica plates boundaries and paleoceanography of the Antarctic Deep Water. Oceanic basins development [CNDA-ESP_SCAN_2001-HE070]
In English: The campaign has included continue profiles recording and seabed sampling to characterise the nature of the different cortical elements. It has included: - OBS profile (SOPAS) from the ...

5. Geologic and Geophysical exploration of the Eastern end of the South Shetland Islands. Study of a triple convergence area [CNDA-ESP_HE002]
In English: - Study of the geophysical, tectonic, paleoceanographic, paleoclimatic factors and eustatic oscillation which have led to the evolution of the area. - Setting of general models based ...

6. Geological and paleoceanographic evolution of the South Atlantic and the adjacent Antarctic margins [CNDA-ESP_ANT93-1008-C03-HE014]
In English: The GEBRA '93 survey was carried out in December 1993 in the waters of Bransfield Strait and adjacent areas, on board B.I.O. Hesperides. Different types of measurements were performed ...

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