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1. Plankton abundance data collected from a towed Video Plankton Recorder; Jun 1994, Jan and Mar 1995; Georges Bank; GLOBEC. [vpr_cashjian_GB]
A Video Plankton Recorder (VPR) was towed, in a towyo fashion, along three 180-200 km transects across the northeast region of Georges Bank during June 1994, January/March ...

2. Process study CTD surveys, at different hydrographic regimes on Georges Bank, 1992 - 1999, GLOBEC. [nmfs_ctd_GB]
Process Study CTD temperature and salinity surveys were conducted in discrete/different hydrographic regimes on Georges Bank to better understand environmental impacts on zooplankton ...

3. Long-Term Oceanographic Observations in Massachusetts Bay, 1989-2006 [MassBay_LongTerm]
This data report presents long-term oceanographic observations made in western Massachusetts Bay at long-term site LT-A (42° 22.6' N., 70° 47.0' W.; nominal water depth 32 meters) from December 1989 ...

4. Marine Water Quality Monitoring in Washington State [wa_de_marinewaterquality]
The Washington State Department of Ecology has conducted marine water quality monitoring at a number of stations in Puget Sound, Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay since 1973. About 40 stations are monitored ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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