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1. China County Data Collection, Land Use [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_5]   PARENT METADATA
The Land Use dataset contains three variables which help describe the agricultural land use for China counties. The three variables are: 1) Cropland area (hectares), 2) Pastureland and Grassland area ...

2. China County Data Collection, Agricultural Management Dataset [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_1]   PARENT METADATA
The Agricultural Management Dataset contains two variables which help describe management regimes within agricultural lands of China. The first variable, Irrigation Index, reports the fraction of ...

3. China County Data Collection, Crops Dataset [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_2]   PARENT METADATA
The Crops Dataset contains nineteen variables which represent different crops sown in China. For each crop (variable) the number of hectares of that crop sown are given. The following crops are ...

4. China County Data Collection, Geography and Population [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_4]   PARENT METADATA
The Geography and Population dataset contains three variables which describe county level demographics and geographic references. These variables include: 1) County area (hectares), 2) Lat. and Long. ...

5. China County Data Collection, Livestock [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_6]   PARENT METADATA
The Livestock dataset contains four variables which provide census data for Cattle, Hogs, Horses (horses, donkeys and camels), and Sheep (sheep and goats). These census data are based on 1990 statistics. ...

6. China County Data Collection, Nitrogen Deposition Rate [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_3]   PARENT METADATA
The Nitrogen Deposition dataset contains one variable which defines the rate of N-deposition by county in mg N/liter of precipitation. See the references for the sources of these data. China County ...

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