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1. Photos of quadrat locations for data collection of ASAC project 1313 in ASPA 135 [ASAC_1313_ASPA135_Photos]   PARENT METADATA
Photos of quadrat locations for vegetation transects at site ASPA 135. Three photos per page, showing: broad quadrat location within site (left), quadrat locaiton in relation to metal marker fixed ...

2. Jane Wasley Field and Lab Notebooks Casey 2002-3 [AAS_1313_JaneWasley-FieldNotebook-Casey-2002-3]   PARENT METADATA
Scanned copy of field notebook and laboratory notebook Book owner: Jane Wasley ASAC: 1313 Season: 2002/03 Location: Casey The original hard copy of this notebook was, in January 2016, located in ...

3. Bryophyte species composition over moisture gradients in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica; development of a baseline for monitoring climate change impacts [ASAC_1313_Baseline]   PARENT METADATA
This metadata record describes supplementary material to accompany the listed publication, and the data described in the paper and the supplementary material relates to AAS (ASAC) project 1313, as ...

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