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1. Population trends of black-browed albatrosses at Heard Island, 1947 - 2001. [ASAC_1219_HIMI_Alb]   PARENT METADATA
The breeding population of the black-browed albatross Thalassarche melanophrys has increased at Heard Island since the first census data were obtained in 1947/1948. Four breeding localities are known, ...

2. Photographs from Heard Island and the McDonald Islands, dating from 1901. [ASAC_1219_HIMI_Img]   PARENT METADATA
Photographs from Heard Island and the McDonald Islands from 1901 onwards. Photographs being collated from ANARE and other expeditioners who have visited Heard and the McDonald Islands since 1901. ...

3. Burrowing petrels at Heard Island, 1987/88. [ASAC_1219_HIMI_Pet]   PARENT METADATA
Surveys were conducted at the eastern and western ends of Heard Island during the 1987/1988 season. Burrow densities in different habitat types (vegetated and unvegetated) were determined from fixed ...

4. Heard Island Penguin Colonies, 1948-1980 [ASAC_1219_HIMI_Pen]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset contains information on the distribution of Penguins and their breeding colonies on Heard Island, as of 1983. It forms Australia's contribution to the International Survey of Antarctic ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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