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1. Monthly U.S. Agricultural Trade Data [USDA0326]
The "Monthly U.S. Agricultural Trade Data" database contains monthly data on U.S. agricultural exports and imports. The database includes about 175 commodities or commodity categories for exports, ...

2. Tobacco Situation and Outlook Yearbook [USDA0338]
The files in the "Tobacco Situation and Outlook Yearbook" dataset correspond to the tables in the 1991 Tobacco Situation and Outlook Yearbook, December 1991, published by the Economic Research Service, ...

3. U.S. Tobacco Industry [USDA0357]
Data files in the "U.S. Tobacco Industry" dataset mirror the data tables published in THE U.S. TOBACCO INDUSTRY (Agricultural Economic Report No, 589, 9/88), by Verner N. Grise and Karen F. Griffin, ...

4. U.S. Agricultural Trade Update, USDA/ERS [USDA_FAUBB]
"U.S. Agricultural Trade Update" are ASCII text file reports that cover the monthly farm trade balance, U.S. farm imports and exports by quantity and value, and leading exports and exporters.

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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