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1. Dissolved Fe measured on board with Flow injection analysis and Fe-binding dissolved organic ligands from Ultra Clean CTD collected depth profiles during GEOTRACES PS94 Arctic cruise on Polarstern [Database_PS94_070618_submission_Fe_speciation_including_humics_GEOTRACES_1]

Data from Polarstern cruise PS94 in the Arctic in 2015 with chief scientist Ursula Schauer. In order to explain geochemical cycles of Fe in the ocean, M. Rijkenberg, L. Gerringa and H. Slagter ...

2. Climate change and Polar Terrestrial Ecosystems [Polar_Ecosystem_Global_Warming_Huiskes_IPY59_NL]   PARENT METADATA
Environmental manipulation studies are integral to determine impacts of climate warming. Chambers are predominantly used to assess summer warming on terrestrial biota, while changes during other seasons ...

3. Diversity Changes in Soil Mesofauna (Springtails and Oribatid Mites) in the Subarctic (Abisko Swedish Lapland) [SOIL_INVERTEBRATES_ARCTIC_KRAB_IPY213_NL]
Northern peatlands have been globally important accumulators of carbon as plant litter and older soil organic matter. As climate changes, the decomposition rates of these peatlands and consequently ...

4. plant and animal propagules inadvertently carried into the Antarctic [Aliens_Antarctic_Huiskes_IPY170_NL]
In the austral summer of 2007/2008, using the momentum of the International Polar Year (2007-2009), an international team of ecologists assessed propagule (e.g. seeds, spores, reproductive adult organisms) ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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