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1. Fieldwork and sampling at Loewe Massif-Amery Oasis [ASAC_1071_Loewe]
At Loewe Massif and Amery Oasis, samples were taken; - for sediment analysis (XRF geochemistry and grain size) - for geochronology (cosmogenic isotope analysis). The custodian for these samples is ...

2. GIS data of geomorphic features at Beaver Lake-Amery Oasis [ASAC_1071_Geomorphic_Map]
The data include a 1:10,000 scale map of the surfical glacial and periglacial features of the Amery Oasis, East Antarctica. Features currently include: areas covered by exposed bedrock, fluvial sediments ...

3. Mitochondrial and Nuclear markers sequence data of Snow Petrels (Pagodroma nivea) from East Antarctica [AAS_4184_Spsequences]
This dataset consists of eight files: seven files with the nucleotide sequence data for seven genetic markers (2 mitochondrial and 5 nuclear) and a 'Read me' file containing the information for each ...

4. Southern prince charles mountains: sediments and salts [1071_PCMEGA]
Field analysis of included quantification of clast rounding and lithology, and weathering features such as tafoni, elongated pitting, sand accumulations, frost shattering, glacial polish, and the ...

5. Geomorphic map of Rauer Group [Rauer_Group_Geomorphic_Map]
The GIS data was produced following a three week expedition to the region onboard the Alfred Wegener Institute research vessel Polarstern (cruise ANT-XXIII/9) in 2007, and subsequent analysis of aerial ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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