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1. IAI-Data-CRN_012_Austin_BIOD-MESOF: Relationship between above- and belowground diversity in an undisturbed temperate forest in southern Argentina (Patagonia) [IAIDIS762]   PARENT METADATA
Recent interest in the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning has resulted in a multitude of large-scale manipulative experiments examining the effect of aboveground diversity ...

2. IAI-Data-CRN_012_Austin_BIOD-NITR: Effects of autotrophic nitrification on C and N cycling in the Patagonian steppe [IAIDIS764]   PARENT METADATA
Human activities are altering biodiversity and the N cycle globally, affecting marine and terrestrial carbon cycling. Only a few specialized bacteria carry out nitrification in terrestrial ecosystems, ...

3. IAI-Data-CRN_012_Austin_GRASS-DEC: Relative importance of dominant grass species in a water-limited ecosystem in the Patagonian steppe [IAIDIS758]   PARENT METADATA
Changes in biodiversity due to human impact of domestic grazers are occurring in many parts of the world, and the net effect of this change could have detrimental effects on ecosystem functioning. ...

4. IAI-Data-CRN_012_Austin_POSIT-DEC: The importance of position of senescent material on decomposition and nutrient release [IAIDIS760]   PARENT METADATA
The importance of standing dead material, including coarse woody debris in forests, has been shown to be important in the regeneration of forests, and critical for maintaining a variety of ecosystem ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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