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1. SARAL experiment: Altika [CNES_http__cnes.fr_ark_68059_7b252f158625499a87bcd80db70d37a0_IDN]
The SARAL-AltiKa project is a collaboration between France and India in the environment monitoring domain. On a platform developed by the indian space agency (ISRO), two independant payloads have ...

2. JASON 1 experiment: Geophysical products [CNES_http__cnes.fr_ark_68059_54736f5916e9134386cb9725dbbe67ae_IDN]
JASON-1 is the follow-on to Topex/Poseidon, whose main features it has inherited (orbit, instruments, measurement accuracy, etc.). JASON-1 is the result of close international cooperation between ...

3. JASON 2 experiment: Geophysical products [CNES_http__cnes.fr_ark_68059_467a7851f76cf868d9568f8d85bd664a_IDN]
The JASON-2 project is a response to the international demand for programmes to study and observe oceans and the climate, through a worldwide ocean observation system. It is a continuation to the ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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