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1. Palaeomagnetic measurements of red bed Beacon Supergroup rocks (Terra Cotta Siltstone and Aztec siltstone) samples from South Victoria Land [K042_1980_1981_NZ_3]
It had been previously found that sampled rocks from Beacon sandstones at Mt Bastion, Beacon Heights and Table Mountain were very weakly magnetised and their magnetic direction had been reset at the ...

2. Seismic reflection survey across Hut Point Peninsula to determine the sedimentary sequence under the peninsula to define Cenozoic glacial and volcanic history of the region [K101_1992_1993_NZ_1]
A seismic reflection survey and wide angle reflection experiment was carried out along an 11km profile, starting approximately 8 km east of Hut Point Peninsula and heading west to delineate the sedimentary ...

3. Seismic, gravity, radar and magnetic measurements across the East Antarctic ice sheet from the Transantarctic Mountains to the Wilkes sub-glacial basin [K101_1993_1994_NZ_1]
A geophysical traverse, designed to image the sedimentary layer under the 3 km thick East Antarctic ice sheet, was completed across part of East Antarctic ice cap west of McMurdo Sound. The programme ...

4. Seismograph data from the David Glacier region near Terra Nova Bay to determine the origins of low magnitude seismicity in the area: brittle ice failure, basal shearing beneath the glacier, or tectonic events? [K101_2003_2004_NZ_1]
Temporary seismograph stations placed in the Transantarctic Mountains have recorded regular, low magnitude seismicity. The origin of the quakes could not be uniquely discriminated among brittle ice ...

5. Teleseismic and local earthquake measurements with an digital seismometer array spread between the McKay Glacier and Table Mountain (to the north and south) and Cape Bird and Mt Fleming (to the east and west) [K102_1999_2000_NZ_1]
A digital seismometer array (10 station) was placed in the Transantarctic Mountains over a three month period (November 1999-January 2000) to record teleseismic (distant earthquakes more than 20° ...

6. Broadband seismic wavefield data recorded at a temporary array in the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM) [TAM-bband-9900]
These earthquake data contain broadband seismic wavefield recordings, as recorded by a temporary array placed in the Trans-antarctic Mountains during the summer of 1999-2000. The experiment was carried ...

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