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1. HUFPrint: A tabulation and visualization utility for the Hydrogeologic-Unit Flow (HUF) Package of MODFLOW [USGS_HUFPrint]
HUFPrint is a computer program that extracts and displays information about model structure and hydraulic properties from the input data for a model built using the Hydrogeologic-Unit Flow (HUF) Package ...

2. MODFLOW-CDSS, a Version of MODFLOW-2005 with Modifications for Colorado Decision Support Systems [USGS_MODFLOW-CDSS]   PARENT SERF
MODFLOW-CDSS is a three-dimensional, finite-difference groundwater-flow model based on MODFLOW-2005, with two modifications. The first modification is the introduction of a Partition Stress Boundaries ...

3. ModelMate - A Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Model Analysis [USGS_ModelMate]
ModelMate is a graphical user interface designed to facilitate use of model-analysis programs with models. This initial version of ModelMate supports one model-analysis program, UCODE_2005, and one ...

4. The Joint Universal Parameter IdenTification and Evaluation of Reliability Application Programming Interface [USGS_JUPITER_API]
The JUPITER API provides resources for programming applications (computer programs) designed to analyze process models. Process models simulate, for example, physical, chemical, and(or) biological ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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