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1. Oligocene nannofossils from CIROS-1 borehole [CIROS_nannofossils]
The study materials are of Oligocene to early Miocene age. They were collected from the CIROS-1 drillhole in the Victoria Land Basin, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Data contains calcareous nannofossil ...

2. Stable isotopes in the Moulton ice field horizontal ice, West Antarctica [Moulton_ice_isotopes]
Stable isotope values (delta D, delta 18O and deuterium excess) for the near surface ice at Mt Moulton, West Antarctica. Data measured at INSTAAR, University of Colorado. Standard is ...

3. Carbonate ion reconstructions for the Last Glacial Maximum [anderson-lgm-carbonate-ion]
Carbonate ion reconstructions based on foraminifer sediment assemblages for the modern and the last glacial maximum. Modern profiles are also included. Published in: Anderson, D. M., and D. Archer ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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