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1. Optical Fabric and Fiber Logging of Glacial Ice [bay_1142173]
This award supports a project to combine the expertise of both glaciologists and optical engineers to develop polarization- preserving optical scattering techniques for borehole tools to identify ...

2. WAIS Divide Laser Dust Logger Data [bay_0738658]
Preliminary data from an optical log made at WAIS Divide with the laser dust logger in December 2011, in the clear ice at depths between 1403.58 m and 3329.8 m. The Dust Logger measures the amount ...

3. Climatology, Volcanism, and Microbial Life in Ice with Downhole Loggers [price_0440609]
This award supports a project to use two spectrofluorimeters - one with a 224-nm laser to excite protein fluorescence and non-protein aerosol and dust fluorescence, and the other with a 404-nm laser ...

4. Dust Logging at Dome C for Abrupt Climate Changes, Large Volcanic Eruptions and Bolide Impacts [bay_0739743]
This award supports a project to make high-resolution logs of dust and ash in the Dome C borehole using an optical dust logger. The dust logger employs a temperature-regulated diode laser at 404 nm ...

5. Downhole log of dust and volcanic ash layers at Siple Dome, Antarctica [berkeley_dustlogger_Siple]
The table lists, as a function of depth, the optical signal received by the downhole logger after a horizontally directed light beam has been emitted from the logger out of the borehole, ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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