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1. Palaeomagnetic measurements on rocks from Mt Crean to determine the continental drift of gondwanaland [K045_1994_1995_NZ_1]
The Beacon sediments of East Antarctica were deposited over the Devonian to Triassic geological periods, from 400 to 200 million years ago. Palaeomagnetic measurements on these rocks provide information ...

2. Determination of the origin of marine diatoms in the Sirius Group glacial deposits from Table Mountain and Mt Feather and the conditions for authigenic chabazite formation in these rocks [K045_1994_1995_NZ_2]
The age of the Sirius Group glacial deposits in the Transantarctic Mountains are a topic of debate. There are two conflicting models which try to explain the origin of diatoms found in tillite beds ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2

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