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1. Ross Sea Icebergs (B15A, C16, B15J, B15K, C25 and Nascent): Drift, weather and seismic data. [macayeal_0229546]   CHILD METADATA
During 2001-2006, 6 giant icebergs (B15A, B15J, B15K, C16 and C25) adrift in the southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica, were instrumented with global positioning system (GPS) receivers, magnetic compasses, ...

2. Continuous GPS (static) data from Ross Ice Shelf near its iceberg calving front [macayeal_cont_GPS_Ross_Ice_Shelf_0229546]   PARENT METADATA
In November, 2005, three geodetic GPS receivers were deployed on the Ross Ice Shelf near its ice front to observe short-term fluctuations in ice-shelf velocity (associated with tidal forcing and other ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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