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1. Biodiversity survey at Mt Kyffin near the Beardmore Glacier [K024_2002_2003_NZ_4]
A four person party visited an area close to Mt Kyffin on the south side of the Beardmore Glacier and at nearly 84° South latitude. In the 59-60 season the presence of many plants (lichens) and insects ...

2. Plant biodiversity survey of the Granite Harbour, Darwin Glacier and Cape Crozier regions [K024_2006_2008_NZ_2]
The distribution and identity of lichens, mosses and endolithic algae were examined at sites around Granite Harbour, the Darwin Glacier and Igloo Spur at Cape Crozier to extend sampling of the Ross ...

3. Analysis of the effects of environmental factors (temperature, light, water content and CO2 concentration) on the photosynthesis activity of two common Antarctic mosses and a cyanobacterial mat in the Taylor Valley [K024_2002_2003_NZ_2]
A detailed study of how the environmental factors temperature, light, water content and carbon dioxide concentration affected photosynthesis of the two common mosses Bryum argenteum and Hennediella ...

4. Analysis of the endolithic communities in the McMurdo Dry Valleys: microclimate, biodiversity, community structure, biomass, photosynthetic activity and genetic diversity [K024_2003_2008_NZ_1]
The photosynthetic activity of endolithic communities at three sites in the Ross Sea Region, including Mt Falconer in the Taylor Valley, Linnaeus Terrace in the Asgard Range, the Nussbaumriegel in ...

5. Comparison of the photosynthetic performance of Umbilicaria species in the Ross Sea region [K024_2002_2003_NZ_3]
The photosynthetic performance of Umbilicaria species was measured under standard conditions in the laboratory and compared with Umbilicaria species from the Taylor Valley and Mt Kyffin.

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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