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1. Soil pit description and analysis (thin sections, cation and anion chemistry of soluble salts) from Beacon, Arena and Pearce Valley to determine the origin of ground ice at high elevations in the Dry Valleys [K047_2001_2002_NZ_1]
The origin of ground ice at high elevations (>1000m) throughout the Dry Valleys of Antarctica was investigated as the origin is unclear because there is no obvious comtemporary source of water. A ...

2. Soil, relic ice, permafrost, Hart Ash and granite samples from the Lower Victoria Valley, Beacon Valley, near the Meserve Glacier in Wright Valley, and Kennar Valley to determine the deposition of this ice [K047_2004_2006_NZ_1]
Ancient glacial ice that has stagnated and lies buried underneath rock debris has been found in the Beacon Valley and more recently in several other valleys. This ice poses the possibility of obtaining ...

3. Analysis of shallow cores (stratigraphy, thickness and facies analysis, ageing) from Allan Hills and Table Mountain and assessment of contamination of diesel drilling fluid from DVDP-6 core, Lake Vida, 1972 [K047_2000_2001_NZ_1]
Shallow coring of permafrost glacial sediments was completed of the Sirius Group at Allan Hills to provide stratigraphic cores for thickness and facies analysis and at Table Mountain for comparative ...

4. Analysis of soil profile samples and ice cores from Columnar Valley and Pearce Valley to determine the nature and origin of massive ground ice [K047_2002_2003_NZ_1]
To investigate the nature and origin of massive ground ice and to establish whether it has the potential to yield palaeoclimatic data, a set of shallow ice cores and samples were collected from Columnar ...

5. Collection of endoliths from Battleship Promontory, Convoy Range [K047_2000_2001_NZ_2]
Endoliths were collected from the Battleship Promontory, Allan Hills area. Endoliths were search for with a geo pick and recorded notes from each collection site was recorded. 35mm pictures and digital ...

6. Geological and geomorphic data and Sirius Group core analysis (stratigraphy, petrographical analysis, ground temperature and isotope analysis) from Table Mountain to determine the depositional history [K047_1996_1997_NZ_1]
The depositional and post depositional history of the Sirius Group tillite in the Dry Valleys area was investigated to resolve the ongoing debate as to whether the East Antarctic ice sheet formed ...

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