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1. Long Term Land Use Experiment (DIII, Berlin-Dahlem/Germany), Soil Organic Matter Network [HUB.IFP.DIII]
This experiment began in 1923. The land uses in the project are: 1923-66 "free" rotation, 50% cereals,50% non-cereals; since 1967 4 year rotation either fodder beet,winter wheat,potatoes,winter wheat ...

2. Soil Fertility Experiment (DVI Thyrow/Germany), Long Term Soil Organic Matter Experiment [HUB.IFP.Thyrow]
This experiment was started in 1938 at a site with a cool temperate climatic regime. The soil is classified as a Leptic Podzol (FAO). The rotations in the experiment are slightly different over ...

3. Nutrient Deficiency Experiment (DIV, Thyrow), SOMNET Long Term Soil Organic Matter Database [HUB.IFP.DIV]
This experiment began in 1937. The soil at the site is described as a Leptic Podzol (FAO). The experiment consists of the following land uses and treatments: Land use: 1937-1958 2 year rotation ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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