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1. Wind and Temperature Intermediate Data from the Wind and Temperature Spectrometer (WATS) Experiment on Dynamics Explorer-2 [DE_WATS_1]
The Wind and Temperature (WATS) experiment on the Dynamics Explorer-2 (DE-2) spacecraft consists of a closed source neutral mass spectrometer with two rectangular baffles which are swept across the ...

2. HWM Neutral Wind Model from NSSDC [HWM87_MODEL]
The HWM87 is an empirical model of the horizontal neutral wind in the upper thermosphere analogous to the MSIS model for neutral temperature and density. It is based on wind data obtained from the ...

3. Mass Spectrometer Incoherent Scatter (MSIS) Model [MSIS_Model]
The Mass-Spectrometer-Incoherent-Scatter (MSIS) model describes the neutral temperature and densities in the Upper Atmosphere (above about 100 km). MSIS-86 constitutes the upper part of the COSPAR ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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