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1. National Status and Trends Program/Mussel Watch and Benthic Surveillance Programs/Contaminants and Biological Response; NODC Archive Data [ACC-8900125]
The National Status and Trends Program (NS&T) was initiated by NOAA to assess the contamination of estuarine and coastal waters of the United States by analyzing bivalves, fish livers and sediments ...

2. National Status and Trends Program; Benthic Surveillance Project [ORCA_CMBAD_NS_T_BSP]
Surficial (uppermost 1-3 cm.) sediments and bottom-dwelling fish are well- documented indicators of marine pollution conditions. The Benthic Surveillance Project monitors contaminant levels in surficial ...

3. National Status and Trends Program; Mussel Watch Project [NCCOS_CCMA_NS_T_MWP]
The Mussel Watch Project monitors a suite of contaminants in mussels and oysters yearly at selected sites in coastal and estuarine waters of the United States. On a less-than-annual basis, sediments ...

4. Chesapeake Bay Pesticide Database [USDA_ChesapeakePesticide]
This database compiles most of the pesticide residue data measured in surface water, surface microlayer, groundwater, sediment, and biota, of the Chesapeake Bay from 1976 to 1994. It was prepared ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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