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1. The Mallard Model [usgsbrdnpwrcd0000005]
Waterfowl managers face many difficult decisions about how to manage a particular area to maximize productivity of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) and other upland nesting waterfowl. The Mallard Model ...

2. The comparison of usage and availability measurements for evaluating resource preference (PREFER) [NPWRC_PREFER]
The program PREFER performs calculations described in Johnson (1980) to determine the preference of J individuals for I components (for example, habitat types or kinds of foods) using availability ...

3. Importance of Individual Species of Predators on Nesting Success of Ducks in the Canadian Prairie Pothole Region [usgs_npwrc_nestingsuccess]
We followed 3094 upland nests of several species of ducks. Clutches in most nests were lost to predation. We related daily nest predation rates to indices of activity of eight egg-eating predators, ...

4. Incidental Catch of Marine Birds in the North Pacific High Seas Driftnet Fisheries in 1990. [usgs_npwrc_incidentalmarinecatc]
The incidental take of marine birds was estimated for the following North Pacific driftnet fisheries in 1990: Japanese squid, Japanese large-mesh, Korean squid, and Taiwanese squid and large-mesh ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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