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1. Periglacial Landscape Evolution in Antarctic Lava Flows and Glacial Tills [NSF-ANT06-36629]
This project uses cosmogenic nuclide dating and LIDAR studies of surface roughness to understand weathering and landscape evolution in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. The work focuses on two processes: ...

2. Surface exposure ages from Hjorth Hill, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica [surfexpdata-2003]
This data base contains information on cosmogenic helium-3 and beryllium-10 surface exposure dates on Ross Sea Drift moraine boulders from Hjorth Hill, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica ...

3. 3He exposure dates from Mount Waesche, Marie Byrd Land [3He_Exposure_dates_Mt_Waesche]
The data are 3He exposure ages from lateral moraine bands on Mount Waesche, a volcanic nunatak in Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica. The proximal part of the moraine is up to 45 meters ...

4. Ice Core Interplanetary Dust Helium Isotope Data [Brook_ice_core_helium]
This data set contains helium isotope measurements on dust in ice cores from GISP2 (Greenland) and Vostok (Antarctica). These data provide a proxy for extraterrestrial dust flux since 97,000 years ...

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