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1. Bird habitat surveys conducted in the Windmill Islands during 2002/03 and descriptive information of the terrestrial Environment in the Windmill Islands [HABITATCASEY0203]
Very little information is available on the geomorphology of areas surrounding Australian Antarctic stations. This type of information is generally collected during geological surveys. This metadata ...

2. Relict Adelie Penguin colonies in the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT). [ASAC_1219_AAT_APen_Relict]   PARENT METADATA
Distribution, abundance and dates of relict Adelie Penguin colonies in the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT). Current mapping efforts have focused on the Windmill Islands in preparation for a ...

3. A GIS dataset of bird nests mapped in the Windmill Islands by Frederique Olivier and Drew Lee during the 2002-2003 season [BIRDSCASEY0203]
Very little information is known about the distribution and abundance of snow petrels at the regional scale. This dataset contains locations of bird nests, mostly snow petrels, mapped in the Windmill ...

4. Effects of UV radiation on community establishment: a global perspective [ASAC_1233]
Increased ultraviolet radiation (UV-A and/or UV-B) may impact on the establishment and structure of a shallow water benthic invertebrate assemblages. A global experiment in more than 8 countries, ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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