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1. Pacific Forestry Centre Forest Pathology Herbarium Collections Database, British Columbia, Canada [Canada_CFS_PathologyHerbarium]
This database currently holds over 21,000 records for the 35,300 specimens housed at Pacific Forestry Centre's Forest Pathology Herbarium (abbreviated as DAVFP), and may be ...

2. Advanced Forest Technology: SAFORAH Data Collection, Canada [Canada_CFS_AFT_SAFORAH]
SAFORAH, or System of Agents for Forest Observation Research with Advanced Hierarchies, is an advanced networking data grid that makes optimum use of distributed data storage to support collaborative ...

3. British Columbia Host/Fungus Index Database, Canada [Canada_CFS_HostFungusIndex]
The British Columbia Host/Fungus Index Database was compiled from 60 years of Canadian Forest Service records, augmented from published literature records and additional data provided ...

4. Forest Health Network Archives - Pest Data for British Columbia, Canada [Canada_PFC_FHNABCPestData]
Aerial detection surveys are intended to detect new activity, to monitor the trend of ongoing activity, to provide general location information, and to subjectively rate levels of defoliation. ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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