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1. Comparative studies of vegetation surveys, maps, species lists and lichen growth rates of the Cape Hallett region (Seebee Hook, Willett Cove and the scree slopes surrounding them) with a 1968 study [K024_1998_1999_NZ_1]
The first botanical work at Cape Hallett was carried out when Hallett Station existed in the early to late 1960s. These studies were used for comparative purposes of vegetation cover and lichen growth ...

2. Experimental measurements of the effects of the environmental factors (temperature, light, water content and carbon dioxide concentration) on the photosynthesis activity of Antarctic mosses and lichens at Cape Hallett [K024_1998_1999_NZ_2]
A detailed study of how the environmental factors temperature, light, water content and carbon dioxide concentration affected photosynthesis of the two common mosses Bryum argenteum and B. pseudotriquetrum ...

3. Measurements of climate data and the effect of high light and low temperature on the photosynthetic response (photosynthetic gas exchange rates and fluorescence) of mosses and lichens at Granite Harbour [K024_1994_1995_NZ_1]
The winter snowfall (during 1994) was unusually large and the area of Botany Bay was uniformly covered to a depth of 50 to 70cm. Furthermore, air temperatures were low being rarely above -6° C. These ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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