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The MODIS Land Rapid Response system has been developed to provide rapid access to MODIS data globally, with initial emphasis on 250m color composite imagery and active fire data. This research and ...

Heavy rains fell across southern Africa in early 2011. By early February, river flooding in South Africa alone had killed 91 people and caused over $100 million in damage, the United Nations stated. ...

3. Hurricane Katrina Imagery from the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System [NASA_MODIS_RAPID_RESPONSE_KATRINA]
At the request of the U.S. Army and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System is providing daily geo-rectified images of the U.S. Gulf Coast region to assist in ...

4. Land Long Term Data Record (LTDR): NDVI and Reflectance from AVHRR [NASA_LTDR]
LTDR is a NASA-funded REASoN project to produce a consistent long term data set from AVHRR and MODIS instruments for climate studies. Data products consist of NOAA/AVHRR surface ...

5. MODIS Snow Cover Imagery for the United States and Canada [MODIS_SNOWCOVER_GIS]
This image from MODIS shows snow cover extent over the United States and Canada. The image can be combined with ESRI map layers and other imagery to produce a GIS product for enhanced analyses and ...

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