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1. Monitoring of the Channel Tunnel construction phase 1987-90 [EIC23_CHANNEL_TUNNEL]
As part of an overall impact project, including studies of the invertebrates and rare plant species, vegetation recording was conducted adjacent to the construction sites for the coastal platform ...

2. Phytophagous Insects Database Derived from Literature and Other Sources [EIC03_PHYTOPHAGOUS_INSECTS]
Records derived from literature and other sources which identify insect species and the plants on which they feed.

3. CORINE Biotopes Inventory of Sites of International Importance for Nature Conservation in the EU and Finland [EIC04_CORINE_BIOTOPES]
The CORINE biotopes (Version 2000) database is an inventory of major nature sites. The database began under the CORINE Biotopes project to enhance reliable and accessible information about ...

The database comprises estimates of the vulnerability of the land surface of Great Britain to the effects of atmospheric pollution (particularly acid deposition), on the basis of air quality and the ...

5. Database of the UK Environmental Change Network [EIC24_ENVIRONMENTAL_CHANGE]
The Environmental Change Network (ECN) is a multi-agency, long-term monitoring programme for identifying and quantifying environmental changes associated with man's activities. It aims to distinguish ...

6. Distributions of biological species in the British Isles [EIC01_BIOLOGICAL_RECORDS]
The database comprises distributions of biological species in the British Isles. The data incorporate the taxonomic code of the organism, together with geographical coordinates of its location, ...

7. ECOBASE - A 1:250K Digital Map Base for Ecological Data [EIC16_ECOBASE]
A partially completed map data base intended to provide a general source of medium scale environmental data for data cataloguing and map production.

The database includes information collected in field surveys of selected 1 km squares of the British National Grid, representative of 32 distinct land classes (classified according to environmental ...

9. Ecological Survey of the Shetlands [EIC17_ECOLOGICAL_SURV_SHETLAND]
Multidisciplinary survey of the Shetlands during the early stages of development for servicing offshore oil drilling. Sites of principal interest notified.

10. Great Britain National Land Characteristics Database [EIC06_LAND_CHARACTERISTICS]
In the early 1980s a total of 126 land and land use attributes were quantitatively recorded from map and statistic sources for the 2858 10 x 10 km grid squares (cells) of the Ordnance Survey National ...

11. Land Cover Map of Great Britain [EIC08_LAND_COVER_MAP_GB]
The Land Cover Map of Great Britain is a digital map derived from the classification of cloud-free satellite images from the American Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM). ...

12. Long-term butterfly monitoring scheme in Britain. [EIC02_BUTTERFLY_MONITORING]
The Scheme was set up in 1976, after 3 years of preliminary trials, and is a joint project between ITE and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. The scheme was set up with 2 aims: 1) to provide ...

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