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1. TIME data sets [USGS_SOFIA_time_datasets]   CHILD METADATA
This is a historical archive of TIME data from the past several years. No new data is being added on a regular basis, though archived data will be available for the forseeable future. Data for NOAA ...

2. Velocity Data (Canal and Wetland) [USGS_SOFIA_vel_data_canal-wet]
Velocity data were collected on five dates (two in 1997 and three in 1999) at numerous locations along the C-111 Canal in the Everglades. A complex network of canals, levees, and control structures, ...

3. Water Quality Data (Canal and Wetland) [USGS_SOFIA_wq_data_canal-wet]
Five basic water-quality parameters (temperature, pH, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, and salinity) were collected at each site having sufficient depth

4. Canal and Wetland Flow/Transport Interaction [USGS_SOFIA_metschaf]
Significant canal and wetland flow exchanges can potentially occur along the southwest overbank area of canal C-111 between hydraulic control structures S-18C and S-197. This coupled flow system is ...

5. Flow Velocity and Water Level Transects [USGS_SOFIA_flow_velocity]
The sheet flow over the Buttonwood Embankment during periods of high flow is an unknown element of the water budget for the Everglades. An ongoing project to estimate the flows over the embankment ...

6. Flow and Velocity Data - USGS_SOFIA_flow_velocity_data [USGS_SOFIA_flow_velocity_data]
Velocity data are being provided in an Access database and Excel spreadsheets. The database summarizes the velocity data, site location and description, vegetative characteristics, and water quality ...

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