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1. Auroral spectrograph [NIPR_UAP_ASG_LYR]
The auroral spectrograph consists of a large fish-eye lens (180-degree FOV, f=6 mm, F1.4), a slit which passes the light from the sky along meridian direction, a collimating optics, a grism with 600 ...

2. Ozone Data from the Watukosek, Java Observatory, Southern Hemisphere Additional OZonesondes (SHADOZ) Project, NASA [SHADOZ_JAVA]   PARENT METADATA
The Watukosek, Java Observatory, operated by NOAA CMDL measures ozone data using balloon-borne ozonesondes as part of the NASA Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes (SHADOZ) project. ...

3. All-sky/Narrow FOV parallel Imager Observations at Tromso/Longyearbyen [NIPR_UAP_WMI_TRO_LYR]
Not available.

4. Digital beacon receiver observation [NIPR_UAP_BEACON_TRO]
We have started the digital beacon receiver observation at Tromso since Oct 2011. Measurable parameters: Scintillation indexes and TEC Sampling rate: 8 Hz. Frequencies: 150 and 400 MHz ...

The EISCAT radars enable us to obtain plasma parameters such as electron density and ion/electron temperatures between about 90 and 1000 km altitude above Northern Scandinavia and Svalbard. Subjects ...

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