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1. Dormant-Season Presciption Fires to Reduce Hazardous Fuel Loads on the South Carolina Coastal Plain [SFP_dormantseason]
In 1958 the Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Macon Fire Lab established a 40-acre study on the Francis Marion National Forest to compare the effectiveness of four fire return intervals, namely ...

2. Frequency and Season of Prescription Fires to Reduce Hazardous Fuel Loads on the Lower Piedmont of Georgia [SFP_frequencyseasonpresfires]
In 1989 a study to quantify the long-term response to various return intervals of dormant- and growing- season prescription fires was installed on the Hitchiti Experimental Forest in Jones Co. Georgia, ...

3. Long Term Site Responses to Various Winter Prescribed Burning Schedules in Southern Pine Flatwoods [SFP_longtermsiteresponses]
The study was established in 1958 on the Osceola National Forest in north Florida by the Macon Fire Lab to determine the optimum prescribed burning rotation in the palmetto/gallberry fuel complex ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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