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1. Atlantic Reference Centre Museum of Canadian Atlantic Organisms - Invertebrates and Fishes Data (OBIS Canada) [OBIS.ARC]   PARENT METADATA
This is the OBIS version of the Atlantic Reference Centre museum database for Canadian Atlantic marine organisms. Specimens represent invertebrates from sponges to tunicates, and fishes. The ichthyoplankton ...

2. Bay of Fundy Species Information System (OBIS Canada) [obis.bofetf]   PARENT METADATA
The Bay of Fundy Species Information System provides taxonomic, biological and ecological information on diatoms, dinoflagellates, marine algae, most invertebrate groups, fishes, shore birds, ...

3. Grand Manan Basin - Deep Water Sediment Community (OBIS Canada) [obis.deepwatersedimentcom]   PARENT METADATA
This study investigates the faunal biodiversity of the deep water sediments of Grand Manan Basin in the Bay Fundy on the East Coast of North America. Specimens were collected using a 0.1m2 grab, and ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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