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1. CEAMARC marine sediment samples - collected on voyage 3 of the Aurora Australis, 2007-2008 [CEAMARC-200708_V3_MARINE_SEDIMENT_SAMPLES]   PARENT METADATA
Marine sediment samples were obtained from box corer, Smith-MacIntyre and Van Veen grabs. Samples were named by: 1. CEAMARC site (e.g. 16) 2. Instrument (e.g. box corer = BC; Smith-MacIntyre = GRSM; ...

2. Marine video samples of the CEAMARC cruise of the Aurora Australis, 2007-2008 [CEAMARC_200708_V3_MARINE_VIDEO_SAMPLES]
Underwater video samples were obtained from the Deep Underwater Camera II (DUCII) system. Data are in mpeg video format. Samples were named by: 1. CEAMARC site (e.g. 16) 2. Instrument (e.g. camera ...

3. Seafloor Mapping Survey, Windmill Islands and Casey region, Antarctica, December 2014 - February 2015 [AAS_3326_seafloor_mapping_casey_2014_15]
From December 2014 to February 2015, Geoscience Australia conducted a multibeam sonar survey (GA-0348) of the coastal waters around Casey station and the adjacent Windmill Islands. The survey utilised ...

4. Southern Ocean Benthic Classification (SOBC) - ecoregions, bathomes and environmental types [SOBC]
This dataset is intended for general use in spatial planning and management to identify areas where benthic marine assemblages are likely to differ from each other in the Southern Ocean. We achieve ...

5. Southern Ocean geomorphology spatial data layers [ANTABIF_Geomorphology]
This set of GIS shapefiles describe seafloor geomorphic features mapped from bathymetric analysis, with features cross-checked from available seismic lines. The mapping is based on GEBCO contours, ...

6. Antarctic wide seafloor geomorphology [ant_seafloor_geomorph]
Publicly available bathymetry and geophysical data can be used to map geomorphic features of the Antarctic continental margin and adjoining ocean basins at scales of 1:1-5 million. These data can ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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