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1. NASA/Ames Amazon Ecology (AME) Mapping Data Sets [NASA_AMES_AME]
The AME data set is comprised of maps for the country of Brazil, gridded at 8-km spatial resolution. Each file contains one binary map layer comprised of 552 rows x 634 cols with no header lines ...

2. NASA/Ames Global Emissions Data Set (GLEMIS) [NASA_AMES_GLEMIS]
NASA-CASA data sets include global maps for predicted fluxes of soil nitrogen gases (N2O and NO), methane (CH4), and carbon monoxide (CO), plus predictions of net primary production (NPP) and carbon ...

3. Global Patterns of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Soils on a 0.5 Degree Grid Cell Basis, CDIAC/DB1015 [CDIAC_DB1015]
[Summary adopted from db1015 documentation] This database contains global, spatially explicit (0.5 degree grid cells) and temporally explicit (monthly and annual) model output of ...

4. Interannual Variability in Global Soil Respiration on a 0.5 Degree Grid Cell Basis (1980-1994), CDIAC/NDP-081 [CDIAC_NDP-081]
[Summary adopted from NDP-081 documentation] We used a climate-driven regression model to develop spatially resolved estimates of soil-CO2 emissions from the terrestrial land ...

The data set consists of a southern African subset of the "Global Patterns of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Soils on a 0.5 Degree Grid Cell Basis" (Raich and Potter 1996). Data files are provided ...

6. LBA-ECO TG-05 NPP, Carbon Pool, Soil Characteristics, Soil Gas Flux Maps of Brazil [TG05_CASA]
This data set provides maps produced from model output data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration–Carnegie Ames Stanford Approach (NASA-CASA) model and other modeling approaches. ...

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