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1. Physical Properties of the WAIS Divide Deep Core [alley_0539578]
This award supports a five-year collaborative project to study the physical-properties of the planned deep ice core and the temperature of the ice in the divide region of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. ...

2. WAIS Divide ice core chemistry 2710 to 1300 m depth [ID_mcconnell_0839093]
A continuous analytical system was used to analyze longitudinal samples from the WAIS Divide (79 28 5S, 112 4 1W, 1759 m)deep ice core between 1300 and 2710 m depth corresponding to ~6000 to ~27000 ...

3. Climatology, Meteorology, and Microbial Metabolism in Ice with Dust Loggers and Fluorimetry [price_0738658]
This award supports a project to use two new scanning fluorimeters to map microbial concentrations vs depth in the WAIS Divide ice core as portions of it become available at NICL, and selected portions ...

4. Collaborative Research: Stable Isotopes of Ice in the WAIS Divide Deep Ice Core - cuffey_0537661 [cuffey_0537661]
This award supports analyses of stable isotopes of water, dD, d18O and deuterium excess in the proposed West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide (WAIS) deep ice core. The project will analyze a continuous ...

5. Investigation of the Stratigraphy and Time Scale of the WAIS Divide Ice Core Using Electrical Methods [taylor_0440819]
This award supports a project that is part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide (WAIS Divide) program; which is a multi-disciplinary multi-institutional program to investigate the causes of natural ...

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