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1. Southeast U.S. Domestic Fishery Catch Effort [NMFS0003]
This data set contains various southeast U.S. fisheries catch per effort statistics for oceanic pelagic, shrimp and bottom fish.

2. Southeast U.S. Turtle Sightings Aerial Survey Data Files [NMFS0017]
The SETS data files include sightings of marine turtles and mammals in the Atlantic from Cape Hatteras, NC, to Key West, FL, from aerial surveys. Surveys were conducted seasonally from 1982-1984 using ...

3. Southeast US Resource Survey (Groundfish) Files; Environmental and Biological (Mainly Fish and Crustacean) Data [NMFS0029]
The Resource Survey's groundfish data files contain environmental and biological (mainly fish and crustacean) data collected from multiple gear types-trawls, dredges, longlines, handlines, traps, ...

4. Southeast US Resource Survey (SEAMAP) Files; Environmental, Ichthyoplankton, and Biological Data [NMFS0030]
The resource survey's data files contain environmental, ichthyoplankton, and biological data (collected from trawls primarily). Biological data includes information mainly on fish and crustaceans, ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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