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1. Argonne 0.2-Degree Land Use and Deposition Data [NCAR_DS766.0]
This dataset contains land use classification data on a 1/6-degree by 1/4-degree grid covering the United States from 52W longitude to 134W and from 24N latitude to 54N. Also ...

2. Monthly Mean Rawinsondes, from NCEP/NCAR Global Reanalysis, 1948-continuing [NCAR_DS435.0]
Monthly mean rawinsonde data (and metadata) created by Jack Woollen from the daily soundings input to the NCEP/NCAR Global Reanalysis. Stephen Leroy of the Anderson Research ...

3. Near Global Ocean Currents Climatology by Meehl from NCAR [NCAR_MEEHL]
These monthly climatologies were prepared by G. Meehl and are archived at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). G. Meehl prepared a 5 X 5 degree latitude/longitude dataset of long-period ...

4. NASA Nimbus-7 Orbital Total Ozone Observations, 1978Oct-1986Sep [NCAR_DS710.0]
Total ozone observations from NASA's Nimbus-7 satellite.

5. NCDC WBAN Station Library [NCAR_DS900.1]
Prepared by the National Climatic Data Center. For each U.S. controlled (and Canadian) station listed, there is a name, WBAN number, latitude and longitude and elevation.

6. NOAA (ERL) Highly Reflective Cloud (HRC) Analyses, monthly 1971-1985 [NCAR_DS740.1]
NOAA has computed monthly total and normalized monthly total grids from daily 1-degree grids of highly reflective clouds (HRC) for January 1971 to December 1985. In addition ...

7. Olson's CDIAC Major World Ecosystem Complexes Ranked by Carbon in Live Vegetation at 30-Minute Resolution [NCAR_DS769.0]
A computerized database used to generate a global vegetation map of 44 different land ecosystem complexes comprising seven broad groups is provided. The database provides a ...

8. Sadler's Monthly Central Pacific Nephanalyses, February 1965 to February 1978 [NCAR_DS672.5]
This dataset contains monthly nephanalyses of average daily cloud cover for the central Pacific Ocean. The data are on a 2.5-degree grid covering the Pacific from 30S latitude ...

9. Sadler's Pacific Island Precipitation, monthly 1965-1972 [NCAR_DS466.0]
This dataset contains monthly precipitation values on a 2.5-degree grid covering the tropical Pacific Ocean from 30S latitude to 30N and from 105E longitude to 290E. Grids ...

10. Shea's Australia Monthly Station Precipitation (from DS482.0) [NCAR_DS577.0]
Dennis Shea built this from DSS' DS482.0.

11. Shea's Climatology Atlas, 1950-1979 (from DSS sets) [NCAR_DS290.0]
A monthly climatology of sea-level pressure, sea-surface temperature, surface temperature, and precipitation on a 2.5-degree global grid for the 30-year period from 1950 to ...

12. Shea's Stratospheric Zonal Wind and Temperature Profiles, monthly 1953-1988 [NCAR_DS392.0]
This dataset contains monthly profiles of temperature and zonal winds at stratospheric levels between 70mb and 10mb for the period from January 1953 to December 1988.

13. The Global Distribution of Freshwater Wetlands, 1995 [NCAR_DS764.0]
Global distribution of freshwater wetlands, both 1x1 degree resolution interpolated at NCAR, and the original Anselman & Crutzen 2.5x5 degree resolution.

14. U.S. AFGWC Global Surface Observations, 1975Apr-May [NCAR_DS462.1]
Samples of data collected by the U.S. Air Force Global Weather Central (AFGWC).

15. U.S. DOE Global Monthly Station Temperature and Precipitation, 1738-1980 [NCAR_DS569.0]
Global monthly station temperature and precipitation data from the U.S. Department of Energy

16. U.S.A.F. ETAC Global Tropospheric and Stratospheric Monthly Climatologies [NCAR_DS220.0]
Dean Bowman of the USAF Environmental Technical Applications Center (ETAC) created these monthly climatologies of temperature and winds for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, ...

17. U.S.A.F. ETAC TD9600 Surface Observations, 1967Feb-Apr and 1976Aug [NCAR_DS460.0]
Global surface observations from the U.S.A.F. for February 1967 to April 1967 and for August 1976.

18. U.S.A.F. Global 1-Degree and 5-Minute Average Elevation Data [NCAR_DS755.0]
This free dataset contains average elevation data at 1-degree resolution for the globe, and at 5-minute resolution for Europe, parts of North Africa, and most of North America.

19. U.S.A.F. Radiosondes, Pibals, Aircraft, and Surface Observations, 1973-1980 [NCAR_DS390.6]
Data from USAF at NCDC in DATSAV format.

20. U.S.A.F. TD9014 Radiosonde Observations, daily 1948-1965 [NCAR_DS390.4]
Daily radiosonde observations from the U.S.A.F. for the years from 1948 to 1965.

21. U.S.A.F. TDF54 Time Series Radiosondes, daily 1943Jan-1974Dec [NCAR_DS390.5]
Collection of time series raobs for 1943-1974, for selected areas of the world, produced and maintained by USAFETAC, Asheville, NC. Entire set was sent to GFDL for intermediate ...

22. U.S.C.G.S. Geomagnetic Data for 3 stations, 1947-1969 [NCAR_DS830.0]
Later data are at NCAR, on a CDROM from NGDC.

23. VonderHaar's Nimbus-3 Minimum Albedo Analyses, 1969Apr-1970Feb [NCAR_DS680.0]
This dataset contains global analyses of minimum albedo values over several periods between April 1969 and February 1970 from the Nimbus-3 satellite.

24. World Weather Disk Data [NCAR_DS888.0]
Some of the data sets on the World Weather Disk CD-ROM have been put on the mass store for use at NCAR. These sets include the Worldwide Airfield Summaries, the U.S. Station ...

25. CAC Monthly Pacific Island Precipitation [NCAR_DS573.0]
This dataset contains monthly mean rainfall amounts from Malaysia, islands in the central Pacific Ocean, and Hawaii.

26. CAC TD9643 U.S. Station Temperature and Precipitation, monthly 1981-1983 [NCAR_DS570.3]
Monthly temperature and precipitation for U.S. stations for 1981 to 1983 from the Climate Analysis Center (CAC).

27. CDIAC U.S. Historical Sunshine Observations, 1891-1984 [NCAR_DS565.1]
This dataset contains sunshine data for 240 U.S. stations (including Puerto Rico and nine Pacific islands) for the years from 1891 to 1984. The periods of record for individual ...

28. Canadian Surface Observations, daily 1963jan-1976dec, 95 stations [NCAR_DS469.0]
This dataset contains daily surface observations from ninety-five Canadian stations from January 1963 to December 1976.

29. China Daily Precipitation and Monthly Soil Temperature, 1951-1991 [NCAR_DS485.0]
Daily station precipitation and monthly soil temperature from China, 180 stations. Prepared by China under exchange agreements.

30. China Monthly Station Precipitation and Temperature, 1951-1984, for 50 stns [NCAR_DS578.2]
This dataset contains monthly temperature and precipitation data for Chinese stations for 1951 to 1984.

31. FSU's BOMEX Radiosonde Observations, daily 1969May-Sep [NCAR_DS383.0]
Radiosonde observations, by four ships, from the Barbados Oceanogaphic and Meteorological EXperment, collected by Florida State University.

32. GATE Analyses by Ooyama, Chu and Esbensen, 1974Aug-Sep [NCAR_DS310.0]
These volumes contain the Ooyama, Esbensen and Chu analysis of upper air soundings taken during Phase III of GATE. The analyzed data has been interpolated to a regular grid ...

33. Garcia and Hamilton's Batavia (Djakarta) Pressure Observations, hourly 1866-1944 [NCAR_DS490.0]
Hourly barometric measurements at the Dutch Royal Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory at Batavia (Djakarta), keypunched in a project by Kevin Hamilton (McGill University) ...

34. Gelman's NMC Northern Hemisphere Stratospheric Analyses, wkly 1976Jul-1977Apr [NCAR_DS190.3]
Satellite radiance information was used to produce a "first guess" of the geopotential height and temperature fields at the 5mb, 2mb, and 0.4mb stratospheric levels, and available ...

35. Global (but spotty non-U.S.) Monthly Mean Radiosonde Observations, 1950-continuing [NCAR_DS430.0]
Upper air data from the Monthly Climatic Data for the World, obtained from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).

36. Global Level IIb Upper Air and Surface Observations for FGGE, 1978Nov-1979 [NCAR_DS354.0]
DSS obtained this data, after errors were corrected in the original data.

37. Harnack's South American Precipitation, monthly 1891-1983 [NCAR_DS572.0]
Monthly precipitation for South American stations for 1891 to 1983.

38. India Precipitation, daily 1975-1984 [NCAR_DS480.1]
This dataset contains daily precipitation data for many Indian stations from January 1975 to December 1984.

39. India Precipitation, daily monthly 1901-1970 [NCAR_DS480.0]
Daily station rainfall data for India. There were 1632 stations in 1901, 2536 in 1970. Note that 1473 stations have 67 or more years of data. Total daily observations 76.4 ...

40. Jones' Mongolia Summary of Month, 1936-1983 [NCAR_DS579.0]
This dataset contains summary of month data for 71 Mongolian stations for 1936 to 1983. Summary information includes monthly mean temperature and total monthly precipitation. ...

41. Labitzke Berlin Stratospheric Data: Northern Hemispheric Gridpoint Data [BERLIN_STRATO_NHGRID]
This data set consists of Northern Hemisphere monthly mean and daily gridded geopotential heights and temperature. Gridded data are available from 10N to 90N at 10x10 degrees and 5x5 degrees ...

42. Labitzke Berlin Stratospheric Data: Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Data [BERLIN_STRATO_QBO]
Almost 50 years ago, the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) of the winds in the equatorial stratosphere was detected due to the establishment of a global, regularly measuring radiosonde network. As ...

43. Labitzke Berlin Stratospheric Data: Zonal Mean Data [BERLIN_STRATO_ZONAL]
This data set consists of Northern Hemisphere monthly zonal mean geopotential heights and temperature. Gridded data are available from 10N to 90N at 10x10 degrees at 100 hPa, 50 hPa, 30 ...

44. London's Global Total Ozone Analyses, monthly 1957Jul-1976 [NCAR_DS805.1]
Global monthly total ozone grid data obtained from Dr. Julius London, University of Colorado where the data was key entered and checked.

45. Madden's Global Wave Analyses, daily 1964-1986 [NCAR_DS061.1]
This dataset contains Fourier wave analyses built from other DSS datasets.

46. Matthew's GISS Global 1-Degree Vegetation, Land-use and Albedo Data [NCAR_DS765.0]
This dataset, from Elaine Matthews of NASA, contains six databases of global 1-degree data for use in climate studies. The six databases are a vegetation dataset representing ...

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