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1. Bedrock Valleys of Illinois [IGDNR_ALLST_BEDVAL]
This data set shows continuous lines representing the lowermost elevations/locations of (buried) bedrock valleys in the state of Illinois. Additionally, names of buried valleys are annotated. ...

2. Buried Bedrock Surface of Illinois [IGDNR_BEDTOPO]
The Buried Bedrock Surface of Illinois map represents the first revision of the bedrock topography map since the second edition was published by the Illinois State Geological Survey (Horberg, 1957). ...

3. Driftless Areas in Illinois [IGDNR_DRIFTLESS]
This is a polygon feature class containing driftless areas in Illinois. These areas are analogous to areas of the state where the bedrock surface is not buried. Data are originally from the Buried ...

4. Glacial Drift in Illinois: Thickness and Character [IGDNR_DRIFTTHK]
This is an SDE feature dataset showing drift thickness in Illinois. Data are originally from ISGS Circular 490 by Piskin and Bergstrom (1975), Plate 1. Contours (lines) are coded with thickness, and ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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