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1. Rock Samples for Cosmogenic Dating from the Darwin Glacier area [K056_2006_2007_NZ]   PARENT METADATA
Rocks were Collection of rock samples from the Darwin glacier area for cosmogenic dating and the data tables contain technical data required for cosmogenic dating analysis.

2. Dynamics and change of the Darwin Hatherton Glacial System [K056_2006_2010_NZ_1]   CHILD METADATA
The Darwin-Hatherton glacial system offers a unique opportunity to investigate the response of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to future climate change. As well as draining the East Antarctic Ice Sheet into ...

3. Geomorphological information from the Darwin-Hatherton area, Antarctica [K056_2006_2007_NZ_2]   PARENT METADATA
Rock samples were collected from the Darwin Glacier region (6 samples) during the 06-07 season. Over 100 samples were collected from the Lake Wellman, Hatherton Glacier area during the 07-08 season. ...

4. Ground penetrating radar survey of the Darwin and Hatherton glacial systems [K056_2006_2007_NZ_3]
More than 300 km of ground penetrating radar (GPR) data were collected on the glaciers around Roadend Nunatak, Lake Wellman and Lake Wilson. Reflections from the bedrock were observed on most profiles, ...

5. Meteorological data from automatic weather stations in the Darwin-Hatherton area, Antarctica [K056_2006_2007_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
Summer automatic weather stations were installed on the Darwin-Hatherton Glaciers over three summer seasons (2006-2009). Meterological data was recorded over the four seasons variably from early November ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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