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1. NCAR Trenberth Wind Stress Climatology [TRENB_WIND]
This data set contains monthly mean and monthly climatological mean wind stresses (dynes/cm**2), wind stress curl (dynes/cm**3), and Sverdrup transport stream functions and Sverdrup transport anomalies ...

2. North Pacific (NP) Index from Sea level Pressures at NCAR [NCAR_NP]
The North Pacific (NP) Index is the area-weighted sea level pressure (SLP) over the region 30N-65N, 160E-140W and is used to measure decadal variations linked to El Nino (ENSO) and La Nina events. ...

3. Trenberth Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) from NCAR [NCAR_SOI]
The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) at NCAR is computed using monthly mean sea level pressures at Tahiti (T) and Darwin (D). The SOI [T-D] is an optimal index that combines the Southern Oscillation ...

4. El Nino Regions 3 and 3.4 SST Indices from NCAR [NCAR_SST_ENSO]
These data constitute Nino Region 3 and Nino Region 3.4 SST anomalies (indices) in degrees Celsius which are discussed and appear as figures in Trenberth (1997). The Nino 3 Region is bounded ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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