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1. Aquatic Diversity of California [uc_davis_aquadiv]
Fish range maps were created by the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the University of California at Davis as part of a contract with the Nature Conservancy. For more ...

2. Potential Vertebrate Species Distribution for California [uc_davis_vertpot]
This layer was deriverd from the Teale Data Center MAPGRID layer used in conjunction with a list of potential riparian and wetlands species as queried from the ...

3. Significant Natural Areas in California [uc_davis_sna]
Part of the California Department of Fish and Game's Natural Heritage Division. Legislatively established in 1981, Fish and Game Code Sections 1930-1933 was mandated to ...

4. California Potential Plant Species Richness [uc_davis_plantpot]
This layer delineates the geographic subdivisions (to the sub-ecoregion level) of California defined for The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California (Hickman, 1993). It ...

5. Instream Biological Inventory Coverage [uc_davis_bioinv]
Field fisheries biologists spend significant portions of the summer season collecting field data. Field biologists typically inventory certain streams with electroshockers, ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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