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1. Sub-Surface Float Data Archives; WHOI [WHOI_SUBSURFACE_DRIFTERS]
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution maintains archives of subsurface drifter data, taken in the north and tropical Atlantic, as well as the western Pacific. Sub-Surface Float Archives CODE ...

2. Surface Float Data Archives, NOAA/AOML [WHOI_SURFACE_DRIFTERS]
This surface drifter archives, now at NOAA/AOML, consists of Argo float data and gloal interpolated lagrangian drifter data. Satellite-tracked drifting buoy data are being collected ...

3. WOCE Subsurface Float Data Assembly Center at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution [WHOI_WOCE_SUBSURFACE_FLOAT_DAC]
Subsurface floats track ocean currents at a predetermined neutrally buoyant depth. Since the float moves with the water mass that it is tracking, this method is known as Lagrangian current ...

4. World Historical Shipdrift Archives, from 1853 to 1973; WHOI [WHOI_SHIPDRIFT]
The World Historical Shipdrift Archives consists of 416 files of observations of ship drift collected by the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office between 1853 and 1973, averaged by one-degree ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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