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1. SGER: Science-of-Opportunity Aboard Icebreaker Oden: Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions and Changes [NSF-ANT07-41510]
The project goal is to investigate the ocean-atmosphere-ice (OAI) interactions in the Amundsen and Ross Seas during the austral summer of 2007-08 using hydrographic measurements (CTD and XBT) in conjunction ...

2. U.S./Chinese Ship of Opportunity Sampling Program Phase II [NSF-ANT02-30284]
This work is the continuation of a joint project with the Polar Research Institute of China to make measurements of the structure of the upper ocean in the northern Weddell Sea along the route taken ...

3. US/Chinese Collaborative Study: Investigation of Bottom Water Formation in Prydz Bay, Antarctica [NSF-ANT10-43669]
Processess governing the formation of Antarctic bottom water (AABW) in the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean remain poorly described. As with AABW formation in more well studied regions of ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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