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1. Disease, Parasite, and Immunological Study of Birds Through Blood and Feces Samples in the Netherlands and Norway [IPY-NL-birdhealth-Loonen-samples]
Blood (plasma, red blood cells and blood smears) and feces samples of birds collected during IPY to study diseases, parasites and immunological parameters. The data set is collected as part of IPY-project ...

2. Breeding Investment of Sanderlings Reneerkens Zackenberg Northeast Greenland [Sanderling_Breeding_Investment_Reneerkens_IPY172_NL]
Data on reproduction of sanderlings Calidris alba in Northeast Greenland. This long-distance migratory bird species has a fascinating, but poorly understood, breeding system in which some adults incubate ...

3. IPY NL - Avian influenza in arctic breeding waterfowl [Waterfowl_AIV_Hoye_IPY172_NL]
This project investigates the interaction between Arctic-breeding migratory waterfowl and avian influenza viruses. We have used RT-PCR targeting the matrix gene of the influenza virus to detect current ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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