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1. Grazing Land and Spatial Analysis Tool (GSAT) [USDA_GSAT]
Grazing Land and Spatial Analysis Tool (GSAT) is a decision support tool utilized to inventory grazing resources and animals (domestic and wild). This application is used to assess the relationship ...

2. Livestock Market Information System (LMIS) [TAMU_LMIS]
The Livestock Market Information System (LMIS) enables livestock producers and traders to receive current market price information via text message to make informed marketing decisions regarding their ...

3. Spatial Decision Support Knowledge Portal [INSTITUTE_REDLANDS_SDS]
The SDS Knowledge Portal is developed to help people involved in a spatial decision process (decision makers, practitioners, researchers) gain a holistic view of the spatial decision process and better ...

4. Great Plains Framework for Agricultural Resource Management (GPFARM) [USDA_ARS_GPFARM]
GPFARM is a simulation model computer application. It incorporates state of the art knowledge in agronomy, animal science, economics, weed science and risk management into a user-friendly, decision ...

5. Integrated Farm System Model [USDA_ARS_IFSM]
The Integrated Farm System Model is a farm simulation model that predicts the long-term performance, environmental impact and economics of dairy, beef and crop farms over multiple years of weather. ...

6. Quick Stats - The National Agricultural Statistics Service Interactive, Online Statistical Database [USDA_NASS_quickstats]
The National Agricultural Statistics Service publishes U.S., State, County and other geographic level agricultural statistics for many commodities and data series. Quick Stats is a web based application ...

7. Information, Planning, and Conservation System (IPaC) [FWS_IPAC]
The Information, Planning, and Conservation System (IPaC) is designed for easy, public access to the natural resources Information for which the USFWS has trust or regulatory responsibility. The IPaC ...

8. ECOSEARCH - Ecosystem Management Software [USGS_ECOSRCH]
ECOSEARCH was developed as a first step to a testable, scientific basis for ecosystem management. ECOSEARCH uses a FORTRAN program to predict occurrence for >300 species of New England wildlife using ...

9. Program MARK [Program_MARK]
Program MARK, a Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP program, provides parameter estimates from marked animals when they are re-encountered at a later time. Re-encounters can be from dead recoveries (e.g., ...

Showing 1 through 9 of 9
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