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1. Acute-to-Chronic Estimation (ACE) Model [EPA_ACE]
The Acute-to-Chronic Estimation (ACE) with Time-Concentration-Effect Models software allows prediction of chronic toxicity from acute toxicity datasets. ACE uses linear regression and accelerated ...

2. Multimedia Contaminant Fate, Transport, and Exposure Model (MMSOILS) [EPA_MMSOILS]
The Multimedia Contaminant Fate, Transport, and Exposure Model (MMSOILS) estimates the human exposure and health risk associated with releases of contamination from hazardous waste sites. The methodology ...

3. Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS) [CATS_Model]
CATS is a consequence management tool package that integrates hazard prediction, consequence assessment and emergency management tools (including HPAC) with critical population ...

4. Spatial Decision Support Knowledge Portal [INSTITUTE_REDLANDS_SDS]
The SDS Knowledge Portal is developed to help people involved in a spatial decision process (decision makers, practitioners, researchers) gain a holistic view of the spatial decision process and better ...

5. WHO's Disaster Management and Health Crises Information [WHO-EHA]
The World Health Organization's Department of Emergency and Humanitarian Action Web site provides up-to-date details about ongoing health crises around the world, as well as articles from its EHA ...

6. Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) [EPA_IRIS]
EPA's Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) is a human health assessment program that evaluates risk information on effects that may result from exposure to environmental contaminants. Through ...

7. TRI.NET - Application for Analyzing Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Information [EPA_TRI_NET]
TRI.NET is a new application developed by EPA to help you analyze Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) information. This application is capable of easily and quickly performing complex queries to help you ...

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