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1. Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) Coronagraph/Polarimeter Data [SMM-01]
The data from the Coronagraph/Polarimeter consist of digital images of the solar corona taken through various filters at visible wavelengths. The scientific objectives of the Coronagraph/Polarimeter ...

2. White-light Coronagraph Images from the Skylab/ATM [Skylab-04]
General information: Principle Investigator for the WHITE-LIGHT CORONAGRAPH experiment was Dr. R. Macqueen, U of Colorado, Boulder, CO This experiment, located in the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM) ...

3. Solar Ground-Based Data from the Base de donnees Solaire Sol (BASS) 2000 Project [SOLAR_BASS2000]
BASS 2000 has been initiated by the Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers together with the Midi-Pyrenees Observatory, the research group "solar and stellar magnetodynamic", the ...

4. Solar Geophysical Data (SGD) Reports (1955-2009) []
Solar-Geophysical Data (SGD) reports were a comprehensive compilation of many different kinds of observational data of the sun's activity and its effects on the Earth. Data from the worldwide network ...

5. Space Environment Modeling [gov.noaa.ngdc.stp.swx.space_environment_modeling]
Collection includes presentation materials and outputs from operational space environment models produced by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) and other related model datasets. Included ...

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