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1. The Invertebrates of Subantarctic Bishop and Clerk Islets [KFDBAM_ANU_BISHOP]
The dataset is the first comprehensive list of the invertebrate species occurring on subantarctic Bishop Island. Bishop Island is a rocky platform of roughly 3 ha area, which lies 33 km south of ...

2. Report on invertebrate field work, Macquarie Island, December 1986-January 1987 [Invert_MI_86-87]
From the report available for download: A number of biologists have collected terrestrial invertebrates on Macquarie Island in previous years. Of these, K. Watson spent a year collecting intensively ...

3. Long term studies of effects of climate manipulations on subarctic ecosystems [Experimental_Warming_Ecology_Arctic_Dorrepaal_NL]
Since June 2000, we have been conducting a field manipulation experiment simulating climate scenarios in a subarctic Sphagnum-dominated blanket bog near Abisko, N Sweden. This experiment is unique ...

4. Casey Arthropod (Springtails) Sampling February 2017 - Abundance data [AAS_4307_Casey_01]
A data set of abundances of Nanorchestes antarcticus Strandtmann, 1963 (Acari) generated while searching for any presence of springtails at Casey Station and surroundings. Laura Phillips and Jessica ...

5. Macquarie 2017 sampling presence/absence data - Springtail invertebrates [AAS_4307_Macquarie_01]
The data were collected as part of the Chown 4307 project on physiology of springtails. The collections are a record of species presence and absence (real zeros) for the island based on our collections ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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