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1. Beach Program [gomc_180]
Beach Program personnel monitor and sample beaches throughout the state from mid-June through Labor Day. About 170 public bathing beaches on lakes, rivers, and ...

2. Distribution, biological parameters and trophic relationships from the demersal ichthyofauna from the SE Weddell Sea [CNDA-ESP_ANT95-1249-E]
In English: Field work was carried out on board the RV "Polarstern" during the ANT XIII-3 cruise organized by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. A total of 13 demersal ...

3. Food chain investigations at White Island: seal survey, seasonal trends in phytoplankton populations, ocean environmental factors, zooplankton biomass and fish diet, age and growth studies [K014_1976_1977_NZ_1]
A population of Weddell Seals at White Island (some 20km from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf) was/is thought to be a sub-population that does not migrate to the pack ice in the non-breeding season ...

4. Measurements of distribution, swimming and feeding behaviour, diet analysis and morphometric measurements of Paramoera walkeri - a common subtidal gammarid amphipod [K014_1971_1972_NZ_2]
Paramoera walkeri is a common subtidal gammarid amphipod, occurring to depths slightly in excess of 15m. Work was completed over two seasons of sampling. In the first season, 4 samples were taken ...

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